Three of the Top K-Pop Boy Groups’ Dancing Machine

Three of the Top K-Pop Boy Groups’ Dancing Machine

For the past couple years, Korean Pop, or K-Pop has emerged to be one of the most popular genre in the world. What make this genre rose so high its idol culture, which mostly target teenagers and young adults. What make K-Pop very distinct from other music genre is the combination of singing and dancing in the performance. There are a lot of notable dancers within the industry, or mostly known as ‘the dancing machine’ of the group. These dancing machines make difficult and detailed movement look easy.

You may only realize how difficult the movements are after you try it yourself. In this article, we collaborate with will give brief reviews about some of the best dancing machines of boy groups in K-Pop industry.

The first and probably the most junior from the list is Yugyeom from GOT7. Despite being the youngest member on his group, Yugyeom is able to exhibit some delicate and detailed moves effortlessly. His best dancing performance can be seen from his stage at ‘Hit the Stage’, a show where dancing machines from various group competed and showed their dancing ability to get the most votes from spectators and judges. His freestyle moves captivated the judges and audiences, thus earning him a winning trophy on the 9th episode of the show.

The next is Taeyang from Big Bang. His dancing ability got many recognitions from the public in 2008 when he went for a solo career for the first time. From this solo career, Taeyang also gained an international popularity thanks to his awesome dancing and singing. He kept developing himself to expand his roots as a singer-dancer. In 2014, he released a major hit single called Ringa Linga to show case his improvement both as a singer and dancer. He also worked with multi-national dancer for this single, which showed how talented he is as a performer.

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The last and surely not the least is Taemin from SHINee. Being the youngest member of a group that is known for its difficult dance routines, Taemin exhibits a distinct characteristic in his dancing. He is able to show smooth and yet powerful dancing at the same time. In his performance video called ‘Drip Drop’, released in 2016, you can see how detailed his movements were and yet he made it looks like it was nothing. His recent released called ‘Move’ showed a more laid-back and yet sexy dance, showing how versatile he is as a dancer.

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